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Aaron has worked with hundreds of non profit organizations in the fields of education, arts & culture, the environment, human services, economic development, special needs education, housing and more. If you, as an individual or through a family foundation, want to make an impact through social investing, Aaron can help.

Giving away money is harder than many people realize, if you truly want to make a difference with your dollars. It is important to carefully research the field to identify organizations with a track record that align with your giving objectives. Aaron and his team will carefully research and vet organizations, to ensure their finances are transparent, the executives are competent and most importantly, whether they get results. He will design a custom process that may be as simple as an interview, or include a competitive application process. This can be done on a project by project basis or systems can be established to facilitate long-term giving objectives. If you need help setting up systems for your new foundation we can assist with the entire process.

Contact Aaron and learn how you can achieve maximum community impact with your social investments.