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Aaron’s clients have included governmental agencies, colleges, multi-million dollar businesses, professional athletes (with foundations), and local as well as international non-profit organizations.  Aaron’s broad-base of experience in both social and business entrepreneurship adds value to small organizations looking for growth, and mid-size non-profits and businesses striving to improve financial stability through income generating projects (including government contracts), feasibility studies and strategic planning. Below is a representative sample of Aaron’s clients, some past and some present, and a few testimonials.

Last year I became aware that the Department of Veterans Affairs released a notice of funding for their Grant Per Diem program, which was just the help we needed to sustain and grow our organization. However, the level of technical expertise needed to navigate the requirements, develop program services and write the grant, caused me to hesitate. Luckily, I found Aaron and he explained the process and requirements, setting me at ease. He walked me through the entire process, patiently counseling and offering suggestions on how best to express our program. This month, we received notice that organization has been selected for the Grant Per Diem award, at 100% of the funds applied for. Throughout this competitive process we were recognized for the quality of the proposal submitted - We owe many thanks to Aaron for his help!
Leonard Ramirez, Veterans Accession House
Aaron is the most knowledgeable, skilled and competent proposal writer I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. His strategic approach, innovation, highly evolved intellect, humor, great character and experience are the best qualities the industry has to offer. After losing our State contract, which had been renewed each contracting period for over 24 years, Aaron wrote the most compelling and well crafted proposal that landed us a State Contract to provide Family Preservation Services to our community. Not only did he help save our business, but he assisted in creating jobs and providing much needed services in our communities in Lake County, Indiana. We owe a debt of gratitude to Aaron - THANK YOU SO INCREDIBLY MUCH
Toya Dumas-Robinson, Metropolitan Oasis CDC
Thank you Aaron for all your help. I would recommend you to anyone.  You are a very personable person... we came to you during the eleventh hour and you were able to get the job done with the end result in our organization obtaining the grant ($100,000).  You never know what you are going to get when you simply use Google.  We took a chance and we cannot be anymore satisfied in the professionalism you offered from day one.
Rochelle Dukes, Calvary Baptist
I am a solar sales and installation company.  I had the pleasure of hiring Aaron to apply for a first time, new, State of California solar grant.  My solar client was easily approved for the maximum grant of $300,000.  Aaron is easy to work with, knowledgeable and reasonably priced.  I hope to have the chance to use his services again.  He is well worth it.
Jim Bowman, Renewable Solar Inc.
We received the best news yesterday. Vigo County Drug Court was awarded funding for the next five (5) years from the grant that you prepared for us. With this funding the Drug Court Program will be able to help so many more people who desperately need the help. So, on behalf of Judge Rader and his staff, the Vigo County Prosecutor’s office, and the Vigo County Drug Court, we want to thank you for all of the hard work and dedication that you gave this project.
Terri Allen, Vigo Superior Court
I am so happy to have found Aaron to help prepare a healthcare grant application with a very short turnaround. My apprehensions about hiring someone I had no former relationship with soon dissipated as Aaron quickly proved to be not only a great writer, but trustworthy and insightful -- helping us to refine our business model and craft our strategy -- and fun to work with. He walked into a high-pressure situation, hit the ground running and engaged with our staff seamlessly. Within less than 2 months of meeting Aaron he helped our company win a $363,000 contract. I can't believe how smoothly the process went once Aaron joined our team, and can't wait to work with Aaron again on a future project.
Emmi Chen, Xincon Home Health Care Services, Inc.
Working with Aaron was like working with someone who has been my colleague for years. We called on him to work on a moment’s notice and he jumped in with both feet; availing himself to us exclusively. The ease with which Aaron translated our program’s complex needs into the intricate language of two federal grant proposals was remarkable. Through his impressive communication and steadfast work ethic, Aaron emerged as a teacher and mentor on the intricacies of grant writing for our team. I will not hesitate to recommend Aaron Rome to any organization in need of top-notch, comprehensive grant writing services!
Amy Middleton, Regional Resource Development Director, The Salvation Army of Central Maryland
Aaron was hired at the 11th hour to complete a grant with no prior knowledge of our organization. He worked seamlessly with me to acquire the necessary information in guiding the process – a first for me – from start to finish. Aaron did not flinch in his organization or responsiveness. Needless to say, we submitted on time and were successfully awarded our grant request ($126,000).
Robert Basile, Psy.D., Director of Clinical Services, Metropolitan Center for Mental Health (NY, NY)
CME contracted with Aaron  to assist us with writing 2 grant proposals and from the start Aaron was fully engaged in the project and was not only responsive to any of our requests but was proactive in anticipating our needs and managing the very tight timelines associated with the proposal process. Without Aaron taking the point position on this project we would never have been able to submit a proposal much less successfully secure $175,000 in grant funding. Aaron was truly an integral part of our team.
Eric Robinson, Claflin Medical Equipment
I cannot tell you how great you have been and how much I value your guidance.  I have learned a great deal.  You showed as much concern for the success of the grant for the college as someone from an in-house grants office would.  I did not expect that level of care from a contractor.
Dr. Alan Jackson, Vice President, Hiwassee College

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