Millions in Grants & Contracts Raised

+ $1.1 million SBIR Phase II (NIH)
+ $900,000 SBIR Phase II (DOE)
+ $1.07 Million Drug Court Grant (SAMHSA)
+ $4 million Colorectal cancer research (NIH)
+ $767,000 RO1 Opioid treatment research (NIH)
+ $1.8 Million R01 Simulation research (NIH)
+ $525,000 Transitional Housing (VA)
+ $874,000 Diaster Mitigation (DHS/ FEMA)
+ $750,000 Apprenticeship Training Grant
+ $2.1 million Healthcare Infrastructure
+ $394,000 Workforce Development Grant
+ $500,000 Capital Improvement Grant
+ $100,000 Youth Jobs Grant
+ $651,000 Multi-Year Homeless Veteran Grant

** Note: Our grant writers do not write grants for individuals or for business startups.

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Trustworthy & Insightful
"I am so happy to have found Aaron to help prepare a healthcare grant application with a very short turnaround. My apprehensions about hiring someone I had no former relationship with soon dissipated as Aaron quickly proved to be not only a great writer, but trustworthy and insightful. Within less than 2 months he helped our company win a $363,000 contract. I cannot believe how smoothly the process went."

-- Emmi Chen
Xincon Home Health
Efficient & Effective
"Aaron was hired at the 11th hour to complete a grant with no prior knowledge of our organization. He worked seamlessly with me to acquire the necessary information in guiding the process, a first for me, from start to finish. Aaron did not flinch in his organization or responsiveness. Needless to say, we submitted on time and were successfully awarded our grant request ($126,000)."

-- Robert Basile
Metropolitan Center for Mental Health
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